Fanfiction Masterlist

The Master List.  All the fics, all the... whatever it is I've been doing.  Still trying to get it all organized.  Enjoy.

Yukan Club:

The Weakest Link.  (Chapter1: Miroku) (Chapter 2: Seishiro) (Chapter 3: Karen) (Chapter 4: Noriko) (Chapter 5: Yuri) (Chapter 6: Bido)
Summary:  A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  In Yukan Club, it's strong because of it.


Like No One Ever Was  (Chapters 1-21)
                     Audio Version (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)  (Chapter 4)  (Chapter 5)  (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7)     (Chapter 8)  (Chapter 9(Chapter 10)   (Chapter 11)     (Chapter 12)
Summary:  Nature brought the tornado, Team Rocket got them stuck in it, Age caused the building's collapse, and Bad Luck did the rest.  But none of them are responsible for Thundershocking Ash into brain damage.  That's all on Pikachu.

And The World Will Never Know
Summary:  MewTwo has a conversation with Ash and learns that the best way to honor something important is to be able to say you were there when it happened.

Summary:  Ash heard it, but he doesn't understand it.  Cilan's his friend, so he doesn't think it should matter.  But, the rest of the world has other ideas.

Musical Fanfics:
  "Love Song"   Ash attempts to explain his views on romance
 "This Is How You Hate Your Best Friend"   Gary spells it out for us.

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji:

Summary: A short poem for Lizzie and Ciel.

Yu Yu Hakusho:

Of Snowballs, Cell Phones, and Homicide  (Chapters 1-9)
Summary:  In their own words, Yusuke and Kurama attempt to explain why they tried to kill Yukina.

Out Of The Loop
Summary:  It started with a camping trip. Well, actually, it started with Kurama, and that led to five million other things, and pretty soon, I, Kazuma Kuwabara, had become the team therapist.

Spiral~Suuri no Kizuna:


Summary:  Collapsing and hitting your head on a piano in front of thousands of people can be embarrassing. But it's not potential humiliation that keeps Eyes from leaving his apartment. And when he boycotts his own coming of age ceremony, it's time for intervention

Kingdom Hearts:

Summary:  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Selphie's inner thoughts would lead you to believe it's the other way around.

Summary:  Riku by his lonesome, sitting in a tree B-R-O-O-D-I-N-G

Musical Fanfics

Run for You- Riku makes a promise to Kairi, and puts those giant clown shoes to work.

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