Monday, October 31, 2011


Another j-drama FMV.  The Quiz Show 2 lends itself to this song unusually well...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Weakest Link: Part 1: Miroku

At the time, didn't have a Yukan Club section, so this fic got shoved off into my dusty old livejournal... but maybe someone will enjoy it enough to drag it out into daylight.
Title: The Weakest Link (Part 1: Miroku)
Series:  Yukan Club
Summary:  A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Or, in the case of Yukan Club, strong because of it.
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We Are Who We Are

Taking a break from Anime fandom, let's go to j-pop!  The loves of my life, Perfume, and a fanvideo of some of their most famous furitsuke!

Bed of Roses

An FMV, going into J-drama land... for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, here's some of Kyohei's sucky life. 

Love Song

Another for the Musical Fanfiction.  This is Satoshi/Ash, and his attempt to explain his thoughts on romance... Love Song.  Enjoy!

Best of Cosplay

So, I love cosplay skits.  Like, LOVE cosplay skits.  And so, I'm always scouring YouTube for the best.  And so, a new tag, Best of Cosplay, to share with you all the best of the best skits I've found. 
Today, please enjoy Turks Recruitment!  And the sequel, Turks Employment.  There's only one question, folks:  Do you want to be a Turk?

Spreading the Gary love!

The first of the musical fanfiction, and it's not a parody!  Tres bold!  Nope, here's a song from the POV of Gary/Shigeru, from Pokemon.  He's laying it out, nice and simple, "This Is How You Hate Your Best Friend". 


An AMV, for your viewing pleasure.  As always, I'm fascinated by the Satoshi-Pikachu dynamic, more particularly, all their myriad issues that keep coming into play on the sly.  So, risking the sacrilege, we take a look at Pikachu's apotheosis of Satoshi. (Though, to be honest, some of his other Pokemon do this to a much further degree...)


Welcome to the blog of FinalArc, formerly UltamiteAngstQueen at! (And yes, that was exactly how I spelt it.  I was in my early teens, don't judge.)  Here, feel free to geek out with me as I share with you the crazy fanlore that takes up my precious moments of spare time.  Sigh, I may never truly grow up...  but we have the fanfiction, the fan-made videos, the, uh, musical fanfiction... and probably more as time goes on.  Creativity needs an outlet, after all.  Enjoy!