Wednesday, July 31, 2013

of "Keys" and "Keeping Calm"...

Two more for the Filk/Musical Fanfiction genre... sort of.  I published them to my slightly-more-legit-ish webiste and YouTube channel, but at their core, these songs are filk.  It is me, after all...
But, even if these songs are a bit more covert in their nerdiness, you may still enjoy them.  "Keys of the Kingdom" is also my first crack at using the AVANNA Vocaloid software, and I'm hoping to get a lot more practice with her.
Have fun!  It shouldn't be that hard to guess which fandoms each belong to... I mean, assuming your ears don't bleed first...
"Keys of the Kingdom" feat. AVANNA
"Keep Calm and Perform Admirably"

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Perfume. Disney. Maids. Aug 14th.

Perfume/Disney collaboration!

This is probably going to be the best thing ever.  In fact, scratch "probably", I'm rather certain...
... will they be singing live?  Like, full live?  Please, we all know A~chan's got a set of pipes...
Also, Momoiro Clover Z...
...If this thing isn't on YouTube within seconds of it's airing, I will be very disappointed in this fandom...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

zombies and crack and rogue!pikachu and that poor, poor, Sato-kid

Sato's eyes are hidden...
... and mine are sobbing tears... much crack...
...really, so much crack...
...and then this episode gave me the feelings...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fake Geek Girls and Crap...

Hold on to your seats, for I am about to explain you some things!
You know what, world?  Get over it.  I look how I look.
If you think I look hot, great, I do, too.  If you think I look like a girl, great, I do, too.  If you think I'm kinda mousey and plain, well, okay, I have also had such thoughts on occasion, it's really not the point.
I look how I look.  I like what I like.  And those things have nothing to do with each other.
More importantly, they have nothing to do with you.
You shouldn't have to walk by a hot girl at a convention and wonder, "Is she really a fan, does she really like what she says she likes?"  Why are you thinking these things?  What does it matter to you if she's a fan or not?  You don't know this girl, you don't have to talk to her.  You don't even have to keep looking at her, if you don't want.
And why would she dress up in an outfit that most people would find ridiculous and embarassing if she didn't enjoy some aspect of conventions?  Why would she even be here? 
Is she a costumer?  Does she enjoy the design and craftsmanship of costumes and characters, along with the overabundance of creativity present at such events?
Is she a casual fan, hoping to discover more things she likes and meet like-minded people?  Or a hard-core fan, here for the same reasons?
Is she here with her friends?  Supporting their likes and interests and enjoying everyone else's passions, open to new discoveries?
You don't know this girl. 
So why do you cast judgment on whether or not she is allowed to have fun based on how she looks?
Seriously, why?
And don't tell me every boy who walks in with hand-crafted chain mail isn't drooling with pride and hoping someone will shower him with praise and attention.  Don't tell me every man who cosplays Kamina doesn't, on some small level, think he's God's gift to otaku women. 
Maybe some girls do like attention.  Maybe they do only dress up to attract, maybe they're booth babes paid to do so?  What do you care?  No one's forcing you to hang out with them, you don't have to talk to them.
And what makes you think they're interested in you?  Because a shallow girl looking for attention is going to seek that attention from guys she wants, not the lowest common denominator.  Not a person she finds repulsive.  She's not going to wear a batman costume and hang out at Comic Con if she's hoping to get Brad Pitt or the high school quaterback.  If she's wearing a skimpy superhero costume, something we're made to feel ashamed about if it's not Halloween, she enjoys the character or the event.  If she's looking for attention from awkward nerds and geeks, and is not paid for it, she is into such things herself, and wants a guy to like these things with.
Just like anything else in life.
"Well, where were these girls when I was growing up?" you ask.  Well, a lot of us were at home, wondering if we dared go to such a place like Comic-Con, because we were told we weren't wanted there.  Girls couldn't appreciate comics, they're boy things.  Girls don't like Star Trek, it's all about science. Fantasy novels are only for ugly boys who don't know how to talk to women, fan conventions are full of perverts.  Tits or GTFO.  Now it's somewhat cool to like these things, so girls are checking it out.  I think that's great, I would have thought guys would agree.
They do, but not if the girls are too pretty, I guess.  Because looks and intelligence are oh-so-connected.
I come to Comic-Con and like places to get away from that.  Because, theoretically, it's the one place in my life where the only thing that matters is what I like, what it makes me think and feel, and sharing that with people.  And buying merch, of course.  Being a woman, being too pretty or not pretty enough doesn't factor in. 
Or it shouldn't. Yet, vendors alienate potential customers simply because they're female and they feel the need to judge.  Convention go-ers turn away the chance to grow the fanbase and actually meet other female people who have similar interests, because of a need to mark their territory.
I really thought you were better than that... maybe you're the one who was fake?

Even Shigeru is saddened by your level of jerk-face-ness.