Friday, July 6, 2012


Title:  Waltz
Series:  Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Summary:  A poem for Lizzie and Ciel

Lizzy is too tall, they say,
Lizzy is too tall.            
Girls should be cute and petite,
Like perfect, porcelain dolls.                                     (But Lizzy is a lady and 
                                                                               Prefers the high-heeled shoes.
                                                                               And if she wears the flat soles,
                                                                               Then, that's her own path to choose.)
Lizzy is too loud, they say,
Lizzy is too loud.
She's much too childish, squeals and shrieks,
She's petty and she's proud.                                   (But Lizzie's heart is dark and deep,
                                                                               There's things she never says.
                                                                               A world of pain and heartache lie
                                                                               Behind her swords and games.)
Lizzy isn't good enough,
She's wasting all her time.
They say Ciel can do much better,
Lizzie should stop trying.                                 (But retribution is the hope
                                                                               Of all that people do.
                                                                               And when there is none, Ciel can know
                                                                              That Lizzie loves him true.)
                                    Ciel knows he's locked in devil's oaths,
                                    No future can come true.
                                    Yet, hand and hand, they dance along
                                    For Ciel loves Lizzie, too.

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